Horrid Spirits The Full Set

Horrid Spirits The Full Set
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Horrid Spirits The Full SetHorrid Spirits The Full SetHorrid Spirits The Full Set
Horrid Spirits The Full SetHorrid Spirits The Full Set
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In stock

Horrid Spirits Command  SquadHorrid Spirits Command Squad
Horrid Spirits- Beaked, Cyclops & ShoutyHorrid Spirits- Beaked, Cyclops & Shouty
Horrid Spirits- Moon-faced, Constipated & GrumpyHorrid Spirits- Moon-faced, Constipated & Grumpy
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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Jaycee Fairclough
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


Cast in glorious metal, these fiends come with separate arms so you can summon a vast horde of unique minions of darkness! 

The Horrid Spirits are classic old-school daemons, from the golden age of fantasy. A blend of macabre humour and modern CAD sculpting- they are the bees knees and the dogs unmentionables.

Beaks, cyclopean eyes and gaping fang-filled maws combine to make these horrific models stand out with their own personality while still looking like a cohesive unit.

Sculpted by OSM fan favourite and genius behind Wasteman, Jaycee Fairclough,

these are not modern daemons, with delicate fiddly bits or pretentious over-sculpting- OH NO, these are OLD-SCHOOL and proud of it.

Run these models as a unit on the battlefield and watch your opponent tremble! 

(Thank you to Glynn who let us use his paint job for the store)

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