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Rad-infused critters from the dankest depths, Mawmen have no distinguishing features other than the gaping, rancid maws that line their torsos. Stories abound about iron-strong spindly limbs reaching out from the shadows, grabbing settlers and stuffing them into gnashing, bloody teeth. Although the key point of contention seems to be whether they eat you head first because its juicer, or feet first so you can see whats going on  

Mawmen are some of the most disturbing models in the Wasteman range. And thats saying something! These monstrous creatures make a great addition to a syndicate- as long as you dont have any loftier goals than bloodshed and cannibalism, obviously.

With their rubbery skin and glistening tongues, Mawmen are simple, but fun to paint, and stand out wonderfully on the battlefield.

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