Hero Mounted on a Swallow

Hero Mounted on a Swallow
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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Byron Harmon
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


SQWAAARK! We do not fight for the Gnomes, rather we fight with them. To honour the vows that were sworn and the oaths that were given. SQWAAARK! When the time comes, we will fly forth from our nests, to bear them aloft as we have many times before and bring death on swift wing to any who would defile the forest. SQWAAARK!- Razor-claw, King of The Eagles. 

A beautiful sculpt this one. Precision feathers and the grace of a bird in flight. In flight before it rips a goblin in half and pecks out his liver. These feathers will look gorgeous dry brushed and this model makes a great centrepiece in a Gnome army.   
You have FOUR different options for your flying hero. A Captain, heroine or a mage- young or old. so no matter your tactics, you've got the best Gnome for the job, soaring majestically across the table. 

On the battlefield, this model can represent a flying general, or when combined with other eagles a deadly war machine hunting party.

Please specific Captain, Heroine, Wizened Caster or Adept Illusionist when ordering.

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