Preorder Peppered Piper and Rats

Preorder Peppered Piper and Rats
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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Byron Harmon
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


…And with that, the Peppered Piper took the rats into the river, and they drowned one by one. Then, the Peppered Piper went to the mayor for his payment, asking for his one hundred pieces of gold. And the mayor swiftly paid him the money, because firstly he agreed to and had to uphold his reputation for honest business practice, and secondly because the Peppered Piper was clearly an incredibly powerful wizard and it didn’t seem like a good idea to piss off someone like that just to be contrary.
And they all lived happily ever after! The End!
-Tales of Gusselldorf for Sensible Children

Wearing incredibly tight tights, and a silly hat- the Peppered Piper is clearly a very odd fellow.
However, he makes an awesome musician for your command groups or a quirky bard in your TTRPGs. And he’s a great way to troll any opponents who play Ratmen.

With his eccentric outfit, you can paint him however you like in the most garish and clashing colours you can think of!

The Peppered Piper comes with two cavorting rats following him around, dancing to his maddening tune.

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