Robots - Ironmongers

Robots - Ironmongers
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Robots - IronmongersRobots - IronmongersRobots - Ironmongers
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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Jaycee Fairclough
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


Integrated Robotic Operations Neutralisers.

Known colloquially as Iron Mongers these battle-bots are used by dozens of Mega-Corps to protect assets as well as in their constant interplanetary wars with business rivals. Even the smallest towers above a city habitation cube, shaking the earth with their booming footsteps.

Coming fresh from Kickstarter, these really are a lovely set of models. The high pauldrons and cloven feet are a subtle nod to early 90s sci-fi design, with much fond reminiscing of blinking control panels and dodgy costumes.

  1. Iron Mongers let you bring the charm and fun of that era right to the gaming table. The great thing about these models is that they can be used in any scale. In 28mm warfare, they are hulking, man sized battle suits or in small scales they can tower above as hulking, titanic war machines. We would also challenge ANYONE to use these models in a game and not go PEW! PEW! when its your turn to shoot.

With large blank areas, you have space to paint your own colours and heraldry to really personalise these models. The bases are sculpted to look like cracked, blasted earth from some forbidden alien world and the coils on the limbs are ready to start flailing wildly.

A set of three metal robots - our Ironmongers 

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