Ronald The Farter AKA Thug Musician

Ronald The Farter AKA Thug Musician
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 Ronald The Farter AKA Thug MusicianRonald The Farter AKA Thug Musician 
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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Philip Hynes
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


Ronald The Farter AKA Thug Musician

They were outnumbered and surrounded fifty to one!

In front of them were the Warriors of Darkness- brutal warriors clad in black fullplate armour wielding spiked weapons on door bathed in the blood of countless innocents.

To the right flank, Goblins! Their infernal war machines ready to hurl savagely tipped bolts of death and destruction or hurl jagged rocks to turn formations of men into so much red paste.

To the left flak, Orgre! Monstrous cannibals who could tear a soldiers arms off and beat him to death with them before eating him feet first so he had to watch.

Behind them, a mile wide stream of molten lava.

Things did not look good on the eve of battle.

The command tent was a hub of activity. The lords were screaming blame at each other for this monumental tactical mistake as the general, Duke Du Combi begged for silence.

Suddently, then tent flaps were parted with a monstrous, ripping PEEEEEEEERP.

A young man stood in the entrance, his breaches lowered. He turned around to address the military council.

My lords, the time is upon us. It is now the time for us to decide. Will we run? Will we fall to our knees, beg mercy from a foe who does not know the meaning of the word? OrWill we stand? Will we fight! Will this be the greatest hour for the free people of Du Combi! 

A noble spluttered in indignation. But we are outnumbered! There is no hope of victory!

He fixed him with a deep stare. While a free man draws breath, there is always hope. We must use the Sacred Trumpet of Victory

He is right The assembled company turned to the corner where Ashharn, the court wizard sat reading at a crumbling tome. It is written in the book of Mhal that there will be one who can blow upon the sacred Trumpet of Victory will turn the tide of evil and win the day!

The duke frowned. But we are still lost! He wailed. There is none who lungs are strong enough to blow the Trumpet of Victory.

Perhaps not lungs said the young man

And it is upon this day years later that all people raise a glass in toast to the legacy and the sphinctal  fortitude of Ronald The Farter. 

The Thug Musician is a shoutback to the good old days! When models were, dare we say it- fun!  Heroically baring his buttocks, he plays a resounding note to inspire his allies and strike terror into the hearts of the enemy!

Finally, a human model doing something disgusting! Why should Goblins get all the fun.

The flag is blank, so you can customise it with your armys own proud and noble heraldry. Paint him in bright colours to be the herald of a great lord! Or leave him plain-ish and stick him in with the rest of the rabble

This model is a great way to add character to a unit and for the role-players amongst you- FINALLY! A NON SUCKY BARD MODEL! 

1x Musician


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