Santa on Skis

Santa on Skis
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Brand:  OSM
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


"Please, OH GOD, NO!"  
"HO! HO! HO! God can't help you now. You've all been VERY Naughty!"

Santa sprayed his Tommy Gun across the room, filling the international crime syndicate full of hot lead.

As their leader scrambled for the door,  Jolly St Nick swung his sawn-off shotgun in a deadly arc, blowing the former kingpin clean in half. The sound of guard dogs and sirens filling the air, Santa sped down the snowy mountain, away from his pursuers. "MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!" He said, as he detonated the hidden explosives and turned the mountain stronghold into flaming rubble. 

It is this time of year that we must remember the true meaning of Christmas. Namely, Santa kicking ass and taking names!

He's here to kick ass, and eat cookies! 
And he's all outta cookies...

Perfectly scaled to fit with our Alpine Dwarf range, it is with humble dignity that we proudly present what is quite possible the greatest rendition of Santa duel-wielding a Tommy Gun/Sawn off shotgun on skis in a 28mm scale that the world has ever seen! Perfect for *weird* RPG sessions, or for any wargame that features Santa and mid-range firearms. 

Great for Secret Santa down at the wargaming club! 


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