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The Clown Cannon

The Clown Cannon

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The Clown Cannon

And now, for our grand finale! He came from the molten city of D’raakah on the plane of flames, but he comes to you now for your amusement, bound in chains! His name is unpronounceable nonsense. But he can fire a clown out of his bottom, so what more do you want? Let’s give a big round of applause for his faithful handlers, risking death and dismemberment. And that’s just clean-up…

Hate clowns? Launch them as far away as possible with the Clown Cannon! Firing clowns out the bottom of a bound daemon. Who on earth came up with that idea? Oh wait, we did…

The Clown Cannon is perfect as an artillery piece for both fantasy and a sci-fi games. It makes a great (if disgusting) centrepiece for a collection and is a definite conversation starter at any gaming table.


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