The Hornet - Large Scout Robot

The Hornet - Large Scout Robot
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The Hornet - Large Scout RobotThe Hornet - Large Scout RobotThe Hornet - Large Scout Robot
The Hornet - Large Scout RobotThe Hornet - Large Scout Robot
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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Jaycee Fairclough
Material (Unpainted):  Resin


The Horizontal Ordinance Reconnaissance Nuclear Examination Tech-unit was developed to scout out hostile worlds for suitable mineral extraction and terraforming opportunities.

Capable of low-orbit flight, it would be deployed from a star-ship to obtain vital on-the-ground intel. As the name implies, it is sealed and protected from nuclear radiation. In addition, it sports a range of defense mechanisms to help ensure the safety of the crew, who operate a fully-stocked lab in the wide upper chambers. The squat shape and low center of gravity help to ensure stability on the most treacherous terrain, ensuring a comfy ride.

Hornet is also perfectly capable of blasting a smoking crater through pretty much anything that tries to mess with it, which is certainly a plus.


Standing at an impressive 90mm (just under 4"), the Hornet stands between the Ironmonger range and the Ettin in terms of size. However, it is perfect in 28mm for an artillery piece or as a gigantic cyborg.


The bulky Hornet model stands in contrast to our other pieces in the Robots range, giving it a unique look. The wide, flat carapace means that you can add your own designs to personalise and brand this model as your own to fit in with an existing army.


Our favorite thing about this model is the spotlight style eyes, which you can just imagine scanning across the battlefield looking for prey!

This larger robot comes with 4 weapons.  

These are cast to order so please allow 7 days for dispatch

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