The Lower Daemons and the Princes

The Lower Daemons and the Princes
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 The Lower Daemons and the PrincesThe Lower Daemons and the Princes 
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The Putrid PrincesThe Putrid Princes
Lower Festering Daemons Set 1Lower Festering Daemons Set 1
Lower Festering Daemons Set 2Lower Festering Daemons Set 2
Even More Lower Festering DaemonsEven More Lower Festering Daemons
Lower Festering Daemons Set 3Lower Festering Daemons Set 3
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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Jaycee Fairclough
Material (Unpainted):  Metal and Resin


A Daemon army it is a sight to drive even the strongest minds to madness. Ranks upon ranks of gibbering, snarling wretches with filth encrusted clubs cry out for blood while their bloated masters weave unholy spells. As their minions crash against the enemy lines, the Putrid Princes draw upon the enemys fear to rip open holes in reality, allowing more of their fell kind entry into our world

The earth weeps and the sky darkens when the Daemons of the Spoiled Realm go to war.
- Ad Insaniam Convertunt, by Inhalor the Mad.

Here we have an army deal worth selling your soul for!


This set consists of BOTH Putrid Princes and all  of The Lower Festering Daemons- giving you 14 models including two massive characters. This is a huge saving over buying the models separately and a great way to start a Daemon army or to add to an existing force.


12 Metal small daemons and 2 big boys

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