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The Rotlings

The Rotlings

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Ah! More of my special little friends. Don’t mind them, they’re just saying hello. One of them sneezed on you? Well, he’s just being friendly. Another one bit you on the shin and stole your purse? Goodness me! It normally takes him much longer to warm up to people. You should think yourself blessed. If you’re very lucky, they might invite you watch their games. What marvellous things they have to show you. If you’re really, REALLY lucky, you might get to join in…      

With their little round bellies and cheeky grins, you might be forgiven in thinking these critters were friendly. But don’t worry- they’re rotten to the core! Each one of the models in this set is full of personality. Squatting like bloated toads, skin weeping with pus- does it get any better than this? When painting these little daemons, you can really let your imagination run wild. Lurid greens and yellows, rotting browns or shiny red blood- the choice is yours.   


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