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Throkki Thrice-Dammed  AKA Evil warrior

Throkki Thrice-Dammed AKA Evil warrior

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Throkki Thrice-Dammed 
AKA Evil warrior

The chariot wheels crashed across the moor as the shorts and whinnies of the horses misted in the cold.  The warband stood before him, biting their shields and shaking their weapons in frenzied anticipation. He raised his hammer for silence and then Throkki Thrice-Dammed began to speak.

“Brothers! We come here not just to raid and to pillage! Not just to take gold and slaves! But we come with a sacred duty. To tear down the weak gods of the south! To burn their temples and cast down their idols! Only then will the Lord of Battle bless this tribe. Only then will he know us as his true children!”

There were yells and roars of agreement, spears rattled and maces shock with fury.

“Onwards to battle! To glory!” He pointed his hammer at the enemy battle line. Even from here he could taste their fear

Throkki dismounted his chariot and joined his warriors on foot as they charged across the battlefield. Several fell with arrows in their throats, war cries cut short and tuned into bloody gurgles.
They hit the enemy like a thunderbolt, the enemy shield line cracked in two like an egg as men were crushed in the confusion.  

A champion clad in chainmail and holding a moon-bladed axe stepped forward. Without a word they exchanged blows, the weapons clashing as warriors fought around them. The champion was a strong, sure fighter, but Throkki was the mightier. With a roar of anger he brought the hammer down, crushing his skull into splinters.

“FOR THE DARK GODS!” He bellowed as the enemy fled in panic.

As they scattered like grain, Throkki stood there panting and grinned

Echoing some of the very best models of the 80’s and early 90’s, the Evil Warrior cuts a truly sinister figure.  He is clearly a barbarian, a marauder and a slayer of man and elf alike. Look at his spikey helmet! You can tell he’s evil!

The lines on the model are simple yet elegant. No overly fussy bits here! You can tell from five hundred feet what this model is- pure, unadulterated evil in 28mm…

This muscle-bound thug would look great as a unit champion or as an army commander, leading a warband for the glory of his dark masters.


1x Evil Warrior

Supplied unpainted 
No base supplied


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