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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Jaycee Fairclough
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


Toagres are loathsome beasts. The bulging muscles of an ogre crowned with a mucus-ridden head of a toad. They are the thugs and enforcers of the Putrid Princes, laying about their fellow daemons with wicked clubs to spur them into combat. When not bullying other daemons, they take great delight in bullying anything else- beating them to a bloody pulp before swallowing them whole down their pus-filled gullets.

- The Malus Kermitium, by Inhalor the Mad.

Metal Miniatures sculpted by Jaycee Fairclough from TC Miniatures 

Miniatures 50mm tall to top of the head

Toagres are your heavy-hitting elite troops. As the name implies, these guys are the size of ogres, with the addition of massive toad heads! Toagres work perfectly as elite troops and monstrous infantry- as well as being some of the best models in our Daemon range.

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