Undead Minotaur

Undead Minotaur
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Sculptor:  Andy 'Atom' Taylor
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


A fearsome beast is the Minotaur. Deadly in life- but more so in death.
A few of these monsters, animated by dark magic of which we will not speak, rise up as terrible guardians of the labyrinths they prowled in life. They need neither sleep nor food, keeping patient watch in the shadows for any brave- or foolish enough to encroach upon their lairs. Remember this well- their bleached horns are as sharp as ever, and their maws still yearn for fresh, human blood.

Need something for your beast man horde? Or perhaps an undead army? Why not get a model that can do both?! For the wargamer, this undead minotaur is a perfect addition to any bestial, undead, or chaotic force. Holding a club aloft ready to pound the snot out of the living, the Undead Minotaur also makes a terrifying dungeon dweller for fantasy TTRPGs. Give your necromancer some beefy protection today!

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