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Weight:  26 g


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In stock

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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Drew Day Williams
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


Hurry up with those scrolls! I can feel the winds of magic about to change!

Yes master, sorry master!

Thats better! Now Nuclear Fireball or Explosive Chain Lightning? Or maybe a good old Meteor Swarm? Decisions, decisions

Every army needs Wizards! Dont get caught twiddling your thumbs during the Magic Phase! Blast the enemy army to smithereens with great balls of fire!

This set of Wizards features a crusty old Archmage, and his long-suffering apprentice (just a few more years of lugging scrolls and making tea, and hell be a Junior Trainee Conjurer)

Both these minis are based on countless sword and sorcery illustrations of mighty enchanters clad in flowing robes pouring over ancient tomes of forbidden lore. But now they have left their tower to visit your painting station, and as you can see from Cornish Mikeys efforts, they are great models to paint!

Each Wizard gives you a wonderful canvas for moons, stars and other arcane symbols. The books and scrolls also let you really show off your freehand work.

Obviously, the Wizards are superb character choices in any human army, but they also yearn for adventure and make a classic addition to any TTRPG party. Fireballs at the ready!

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