OSM Mean Green Challenge- WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

16 June 2024

It has been a BLAST reading all your fantastic entries. I mean this genuinely- I am humbled by the amount of creativity and effort the Old School Miniatures community put in. 
Some made us laugh, some made us cry. One of them was so incredibly disturbing that it must never be allowed to see the light of day ever again (If you're reading this, you're one sick puppy!). But without Further ado, the winners! 


Will (@Oldhammerfide) 

The Beard Twister- a horrible bolt thrower powered by a captive dwarf's beard!  



The Fire Cock- A flame-throwing chicken on stilts 
Both of these fantastic ideas will get their submission professionally drawn by the brilliant artist Matt Street. But, without any more delays, let's see the winner! 


Moonwheel! By Baptiste 

As soon as we saw this, we fell in love with the idea! It's crazy, it's impractical, it is as dangerous to the operator as it is to the enemy.  It's the perfect Goblin War Machine! 

As well as being drawn up by Matt Street, this stunning design will by Sculpted by the Gobbo-Master himself Kev Adams into a REAL, PROPER MODEL!  Watch this space! (Although not literally)

Huge congratulations to Baptiste once again, and thank you for everyone who submitted ideas. 

Finally, we have left a very special prize left, which was won by the Hill Family member Winston and Morgan. 



I have no idea how these awesome ideas would work, but they look cool and made use smile. Winston and Morgan, you've got a set of Army Painter Speed Paints 2.0 headed your way! Just as soon as Jack can be bothered to go to the post office...