PRICES HAVE CHANGED- For the better!

7 May 2024

The phone rang. It was 3am.

"WAKE UP!" Said the voice on the other line. "Do you know what time it is?"

"Umm...3am?" I guessed.

"WRONG!" Screamed the voice. "It's time for a NEW PRICING STRATEGY!”
“But, Jamie-“ I said, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. “Haven’t we had rather a lot of price changes already-”

Jamie’s laugh was cold and merciless, like the ring of steel.
“You poor fool. You’re forgetting the first rule of Old School Miniatures!”

“What goes on Jamie’s Yacht, STAYS on Jamie’s yacht?”
“Ok, the second one.”
“Deliver awesome Old School miniatures for as cheep as possible, to as many people as we can?”
“That’s the one! So if we LOWER prices, and just sell more-”
“Then we can still keep the business profitable, despite the eye-watering price of metal and resin, the consumer wins and everyone is happy!”   

“Bingo.” Jamie whispered, his voice cold as brittle glass. “Make it happen!”

Ok, so this is the idea-

  1. We’re going to lower prices on a LOAD of things.  For example:

ALL THE PUGS are down 40% from £50 to £30!

Halfling Characters are down 52% from £41 to £20!

Ewal Dvergar - Evil Dwarfs Sorcerer on Lammasu is down 38% from £65 to £40!

  1. In exchange, we hope you’ll buy a lot more models, because the prices are low.


  1.   We’ll be making less £ per item, but hopefully with more being sold, we can keep prices as they are.


As always, the goal of Old School Miniatures is to make sure that YOU get the best value for money, and the best possible minis for your gaming table.


Do YOUR bit to keep prices low by buying some more minis. It’s your patriotic duty!


Rock on and rolls 6’s!


-The OSM team