OSM Mean Green Challenge- your entries so far!

23 January 2024


We have been absolutely blown away by some of the amazing entries to the #osmMeanGreenChallenge

Just as a reminder, this amazing contest comes with fantastic prizes, including having your insane design made by the Gobbo Master Kev Adams himself and released as a REAL, proper model! 

Check out the rules on the blog post, HERE: 


You've got till the end of Feb to enter, but in the meantime, check out some of the madcap ideas we've been sent in so far! 

JewelKnightJess sent us this design, which I'm sure e can all agree, is horrific. 

















Dave gave us this, a (incredibly well drawn!) Thingy launching-A-Pault! Sadly we can't give him any bonus points for artistic flair, but we would if we could, because, WOW!

We loved Mark's Stunty Stompa, a great concept with lots of opportunity to kick down fortress walls!  


Not forgetting the Sci-Fi gang, Gabriele gives us this, "da fearsome Grizzle, Crunch, and Smash war contraption". 

Finally, it might be our innate love of treadmills, but Tara's Fanatic Catapult (Fanatapult?) was a big hit with the OSM team! 

Want to get involved? WELL YOU CAN! 

The contest is open 'till the end of Feb, so get scribbling!