Design a War Machine for the OSM Mean Green Challenge!

3 January 2024

Design a War Machine for the OSM Mean Green Challenge!


Yes, you! The slavishly devoted Old School Miniatures fan!

We want YOU to design the next Goblin war machine!

This sound amazing! What is is?


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have seen we recently did a kickstarter for some kick-ass goblins sculpted by the Goblin Master Kev Adams! As part of our ongoing Valley Of Death shenanigans, we now want a war machine to crush the dwarfs under foot/wheel/tracks/whatever.

So where do I fit into this?

The Valley of Death needs to be run by fans, for fans. So we want real ideas from the community.

So send us blueprints, sketches, scribbles- anything ya got! Send us your idea, and a drawing, and we might be able to get Kev Adams to turn it into a miniature!

Using any medium you choose, design a Goblin war machine, then from these designs we will select a winner and our concept artist Matt Street will create art, and from that Kev Adams will sculpt it, with the miniature being released as a special October miniature.

 We can’t make EVERY single idea, but we promise to look at, and seriously consider, each one.   

Old School Miniatures is not just a wargaming company. It’s also a family. And relatives do each other favours- like designing war machines.

What’s in it for me?  

Aside from the glory and prestige you mean?

The winner’s design will be drawn by Matt Street, and Sculpted by Kev Adams, and the winner will receive a print of the illustration and a copy of the Kev Adams Sculpt.

Two runners up will have their designs drawn by Matt Street and receive a print of this illustration.

PLUS, the silliest entry that makes us laugh the most will also receive a BRAND NEW Speedpaint 2.0 Starter set (RRP 39.99€), made by our good friends at the Army Painter:

But I can’t draw!

Who cares, neither can Goblins! Don’t worry about scale, artistic skill, or the laws of psyhics. The most important thing, is to make it FUN. Matt Street (our art slave) will handle all the fiddly bits, just focus on coming up with a new, unique idea.

Is it Sci-Fi or fantasy?

Either. Or both…

Can it be an Orc thing? Or any other type of Greenskin?
Sure! Absolutely. Although Goblins tend to be better at doing "Da fiddly bits" of making war machines, Orcs still appreciate the joy of squashing stuff at long range. You can do Orcs, Goblins, Little-Things-That-Look-Like-Snot-If-You-Catch-My-drift, or even Trolls! But it's gotta be a war machine! 

Is there anything I should avoid?


Please respect other people’s copywrite and intellectual property. It’s always worth a google to see if an idea has been done before. Also, although we encourage creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, we do actually want to be able to make this mini. So please, no 6’ long railway guns that would tip over a display cabinet.  

Where should I send my design?

Please send your designs to, and use the Hashtag #osmMeanGreenChallenge on social media.

I’m stuck for an idea!

Fine, just roll 2d6:


(First D6)

1 Dwarf…

2 Spiny…

3 Spikey…

4 Ultimate…

5 Bouncing…

6 Mobile…

(Second D6)
1 …Splitter

2 …Chucker


4…Maiming Device


6…Explosion Machine!

Other Grubbins

Depending on the amount of entries, we retain the right to potentially add categories or more than one winner with the same prizes offered, but we would provide updates on this.

All entrants will retain ownership of their designs, but we (Old School Miniatures) would retain rights to use design for promotional use, as well as for miniature design. By submitting your entry, you declare that it is your own original design, and consent to its use in that way.


So, what are you waiting for!
Please send your designs to and use the Hashtag #osmMeanGreenChallenge on social media.

And we look forward to seeing them soon!