Duke on Opinicus

Duke on Opinicus
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 Duke on OpinicusDuke on Opinicus 
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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Byron Harmon
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


Ye Opinicus is a proud beast, and thou shalt do well to mind thy manners! 

When approaching, make sure to bow. If ye Opinicus returns the gesture, then thou mayest approucheth.

If yon Opinicus does not bow, then chances are it is going to tear your head off and eat you. So best practice yon bowing.

The wealthiest and most ambitious human generals go to war not on horseback but riding atop a majestic flying creature. The masters of the sky, such a creature gives a commander an unrivalled view of the battlefield- as well as a brutal killing machine in close combat to boot!Tying in with the rest of our Fairy Tale human range, the Duke on Opinicus makes a perfect lordly hero to lead your army to glory! Armed with either an enchanted sword or a piercing lance, this magnificently moustached warrior inspires his men and strikes terror into the hearts of the enemy!Weapon held aloft and posed in victory, this model is wonderfully sculpted. The monster is screeching out a hunting cry, joined by its master in a fierce bellow. His clothes are of the finest cut- with big floppy-topped boots and a frankly breath-taking hat.Technically, as the monster has 4 feline feet it is an Opinicus. But frankly, you can also use it as griffin, hippogriff- or any other damn thing with an eagle's head and a lot of bad attitude. 

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