Ewal Dvergar - Evil Dwarfs Boar Centaur Command Section

Ewal Dvergar - Evil Dwarfs Boar Centaur Command Section
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Weight:  900 g


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In stock

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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  John Pickford
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


"Right lads, settle down! I said SETTLE DOWN!
That's better. Now, I know we're all very keen to get to the battle and claim some skulls for the Dark gods- Yes Snorri?
No, I don't know where you put your helmet. Now, as I was- Yes Hakkon? Marvorn the Bloody, stop poking Hakkon, Hakkon, give Marvorn the Bloody his mace back. Now, if we're all quite finished,...CHARGE!" 

x2 models- musician and standard bearer

Raise the banner and sound the horns of war! Lead your Boar Centaur units into battle with a Musician and Standard Bearer. 
The Standard Bearer has a few different options to play with, and you've got the choice between a bangin' drumer, or a big tooty trumpt for the musician. Whatever you choose, this command group will ensure your Boar Centaur unit is kitted out for battle and ready to spill some blood for the Dark Gods!  


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