Ewal Dvergar - Evil Dwarfs Boar Centaurs Set 1

Ewal Dvergar - Evil Dwarfs Boar Centaurs Set 1
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Weight:  100 g


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In stock

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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  John Pickford
Material (Unpainted):  Metal

"Hoof and blade! 
Axe and Shield! 
slay the foe and never yield!

Tusk and tail! 
Mail and fur! 
Trample down the mangy curs!" 

-War cry of the Boar Centaurs

x4 Boar Centaurs with hand weapons and shields

Created during a drunken bet between an Ewal Dvergar sorcerer and a Boar Knight Standard bearer, Boar Centaurs combine the foul temper and aggression of a wild boar with the foul temper and aggression of an Ewal Dvergar. These vicious warriors were created purely to wage war! 

An iconic unit for the Ewal Dvergar, Boar Centaurs make awesome shock cavalry to support your big blocks of infantry- or to ensure that the foe's sneaky light cavalry don't get up in your flanks. 

This unit consists of 4 Boar Centaurs protected by awesome shields, to protect them while they trample the foe to death. 

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