Goblin Great Shaman - Abra the Small

Goblin Great Shaman - Abra the Small
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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Kev Adams
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


The distinction between a Goblin Shaman, and a Goblin Great Shaman is a blurry line at best. There is no one key moment when a mere Shaman ascends to the lofty position of ‘Great Shaman’. Perhaps it is when his mastery of Green Magic rivals that of the Elf Arch Mages, or when he has the power and influence to bend the chieftain's will as the true power behind the throne. Or, perhaps more likely, it’s when he shoves his old master into a cauldron, steals his pointy hat, and says “I’M A GREAT SHAMAN, AN’ IF ANY OF YOU SCUM DISAGREE, I’LL TURN YA INTO A FROG!”    

JUST LOOK AT THIS MINI! Pure class. With a wizarding hat, a moldy book of spells, and motheaten robes of eye-watering hue, there is no doubt that this guy is a Goblin Wizard! 

Abra makes the ideal “lord” level Wizard for bigger games. This mini is brimming with (stolen) magic items, and we’re sure he’s got a few sneaky tricks up his wizard’s sleeves. 

One metal goblin shaman by Kev Adams

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