Halfling Army Deal

Halfling Army Deal
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Halfling Army DealHalfling Army DealHalfling Army Deal
Halfling Army DealHalfling Army DealHalfling Army Deal
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In stock

Halfling ArchersHalfling Archers
Halfling CharactersHalfling Characters
Halfling HandweaponsHalfling Handweapons
Halfling Command GroupHalfling Command Group
Halfling Commander mounted on PonyHalfling Commander mounted on Pony
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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Drew Day Williams
Material (Unpainted):  Metal

Halfling Command Group

Snarls and whoops of wild bloodlust filled the air as the hamlet burned. Screams punctuated the crackling flames while smoke danced into the evening sky. The Hob-Goblins herded crying peasants into cruelly barbed cages and their wolves lapped at the blood which stained the cobbled road.

For the halfling folk of Little Widdlelingham, it had not been a good day.

Grimshank sunk a long draft from a wineskin at his belt. Killing was thirsty work. He looked at the days takings. Not too bad! he thought to himself. The Chaos Dwarfs paid extra for Halfling slaves. Their little fingers were adept at cleaning the infernal machines that powered their workshops. Or was it that they just tasted better? Grimshank didnt know and he didnt care.

Boss? Boss? BOSS! He felt a tugging at his sleeve as one of his underlings tried to get his attention.
Grimshank grabbed the weedy creature by the neck and squeezed.

GrUUGGH! choking, he raised a finger pointing over Grimshanks shoulder. He dropped the little twerp on the floor and turned around.

A banner fluttered in the wind and a hunting horn cut through the savage war cries.
There on the hill stood a band of warriors, grim faced, armed to the teeth, and not one of them over three and a half foot tall.

A champion stepped forward. Holding a sword to the sky that was as big as he was and clad in shining mail.

Little Widdlelingham, Came the cry. LITTLE WIDDLEINGHAM was the reply as the hill thundered to the beat of four dozen hairy-toed feet.


That night, as doors were put back on their hinges and the streets were swept clean the Halflings grinned to themselves. They fancied it would be quite a while before someone else tried to pick on the folk round here. 

Our Halfling command group are easily the toughest fighting force under four feet tall!

Each of them is posed in a unique way and sculpted with loving attention to detail.

If you collect Halflings then youve already shown yourself to be a collector of impeccable taste and we hope youll agree these minis are old school with a capital O.

The cloth, armour and weapons have great texture to them, making these models a joy to paint and display. The banner is plain so you can paint on your own design. Personally, Id suggest a severed goblin head! Or perhaps a large pie.

28mm scale metal miniatures 

1x Halfling Commander Mounted on Pony
1x Halfling Command Group
1x Halfling Unit of Archers

1x Halfling Unit of Hand Weapons

1x Halfling Characters

Everything with discount 

Sculpted by Drew Day Williams

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