Mounted Heroes

Mounted Heroes
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Mounted HeroesMounted HeroesMounted Heroes
Mounted HeroesMounted Heroes
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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Byron Harmon
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


It is not by blood, threats or coin that we Gnomes choose our leaders. Fancy words mean nothing, it is actions that win the day and protect our home. Those who are bravest and have the heart to lead from the front, to charge into the jaws of the foe. They are the ones to follow my lad, you mark my words.

A gnome army relies on its characters to lead its units in combat or blasting the foe to pieces with magic! And we have got a mighty selection of pointy-hated warriors to choose from! Each one of them is mounted upon a swift-footed fox to carry them into battle and each one is equipped with the trappings of their career.  
This set contains of 4 mounted Gnome heroes. A Captain, with sword held high. A Heroine, charging into battle and two casters- one fresh-faced right out of mage school and the other a wizened crone, ready to curse the foe.   

Use these models as the leaders in your gnome army. Or, they make the perfect model for a Gnome fighter, wizard or druid in any fantasy RPG.

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