Orc Chariot

Orc Chariot
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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Andy 'Atom' Taylor
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


Pluck der eyes and drink der blood,

Dats what we orcs think is gud! The horrible chants of the Gaping Socket tribe echoed over the valley, punctuated by the snarling of wolves and the whip-cracks of their cruel masters as ramshackle chariots thundered towards the dwarf lines.

The charioteers launched arrows and brandished filthy, pitted blades before crashing into the dwarf shield wall, sending warriors flying.

With howls of morbid glee, the rest of the orcs poured through the holes in the line and tore the defenders to bloody shreds.

Look at this beauty! Just look at it!

Proper orcs with sloping foreheads and spindly limbs! Wolves that look like they have just finished chasing a company of dwarfs up a pine tree! And bringing them all together is a chariot that could have just charged straight out of a 1980s choose your own adventure book!

One hooded orc whips the wolves on to greater speed, while a champion holds aloft a big, menacing scimitar. There is also another guy with a bow- how he expects to hit anything from the back of a moving chariot is anyones guess, but that doesnt matter! Its Old School Baby!

This is a PROPER chariot. Crew. Wolves. Chariot- no mucking about, no fancy pretentious gubbins, just an Old School beast of a model.

This chariot is obviously at home in any orc or goblin army- but with a little conversion it could also make a fighting platform worthy of a mighty hero, perfect for getting him up close and personal with the enemy. Or, buy loads of these chariots and charge them across the battlefield to turn your opponents trousers a nasty shade of brown.

Sculpted by Andy 'Atom' Taylor

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