Swamp Dragon

Swamp Dragon
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 Swamp DragonSwamp Dragon 
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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Andy 'Atom' Taylor
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


Kickstarter Price - fulfilment by February 2024

Although as a rule, Dwarfs don't much like dragons (especially after than lakeside property debacle), they have assumed a curious alliance with the Swamp Dragon. Both are short, smelly, and bad tempered. But most importantly, both of them love killing goblins. And in the Swamp Dragon's case, eating them. 

Swamp dragon's are the lowest form of "true" dragon. Their diet consists mainly of fish, unwary travellers, and whatever old tat gets chucked into the swamp. So naturally, the prospect of some fresh meat tends to get them a bit excited.  

"Swampy" is a beauty of a miniature. This Swamp Dragon's ridged back and broad snout harkens back to the glory days of dragon sculpting! A time when dragons were made of metal, and were heavy enough to use as hot air balloon ballast. 
Although Swampy has been sculpted to accept a Dwarf rider, with a little modification Swampy makes the perfect mount for any orc wizard, warlord, or anyone brave enough to sit on it! 

For the explorer of dungeons, this dragon makes a terrible table top tyrant! And on the wargaming table, a most magnificent monster. 

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