Wiley Dragon And Gnome Trappers

Wiley Dragon And Gnome Trappers
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Wiley Dragon And Gnome TrappersWiley Dragon And Gnome TrappersWiley Dragon And Gnome Trappers
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Weight:  180 g


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In stock

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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Byron Harmon
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


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The Wiley Dragon is among the most cunning of all draconic beasts.

Though lacking wings, it makes frequent use of illusion magic to capture its prey- often creating a false tunnel on the side of a cliff face. Its long claws are dextrous, allowing it to utilise the environment. Specimens have been observed to use planks of wood, boulders, or even comically oversized rockets to capture its most frequent quarry- the Path Sprinter.

The creature also displays incredible resilience- able to be crushed, blown up, or shot out of a cannon only to appear again unharmed a moment later.

The Wiley dragon is another beast of a model from OSM! This mad-looking creature makes a great centerpiece for any fantasy wargaming army- but especially the forces of chaos.
With minimal conversion work, it also makes the perfect mount for a lucky general/wizard.

For the painter- horns, scales and mad staring eyes make a great challenge to paint and to show off your skills with a brush.

This mighty beast also comes with 3 Gnome Trappers- who for some mad reason fancy their chances at capturing the thing. Possibly to skin it and turn the hide into more pointy hats. Who knows!

Any resemblance between the Wiley Dragon and any kind of animated canine desert scavenger is purely coincidental.

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