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Terror Bird

Terror Bird

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On most topics, the Bestiary Arcarnium is a wonderful source of information. 

However, under BIRD, TERROR, it says simply one word: 'Avoid'. The second edition, compiled some twenty years later, adds six more: 'We weren't kidding the first time.' 

Sculpted by Andy 'Atom' Taylor, the Terror Bird is a large carnivorous avian ready for all your feathery carnivore needs.

For the painter and collector, this is a lovely model. With the smooth, razor-sharp beak and the feathers which are crying out for highlights and dry brushing, you've got yourself a superb piece to paint.   

This model is perfect both as a mount for a character or as a monster in its own right! On the wargaming table, your enemies will quake in fear as they face...THE DEATH CHICKEN!


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