The Boar Hound - The Forest Troll's faithful hound

The Boar Hound - The Forest Troll's faithful hound
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 The Boar Hound - The Forest Troll's faithful houndThe Boar Hound - The Forest Troll's faithful hound 
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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Jaycee Fairclough
Material (Unpainted):  Resin



Roasted Boar-hound is an acquired taste. It is specifically acquired by those blighted
(or in this case blessed) by a lack of taste buds. Nevertheless, in the name is
gastronomic omniscience I am forced to present a recipe for its consumption.
1. Acquire a Boar-Hound.
This is somewhat easier said than done. The Boar-Hound is a huge, vicious
creature. Utterly devoid of the loyalty of a Hound or the majesty of a wild boar.
However, it seems to have acquired the smell and aggression of both. Having
spoken to several grizzled hunters, the best method is to round up a band of a dozen
or so heavily armed spearmen and lay a trap of a spiked pit. Then go home and
never speak of it again.
2. Skin and de-bone.
Best done in someone elses garden. Due to the shaggy and parasite infested fur
and hide I would suggest several buckets. One for the skin. One for the bones and
offal. And trust me, you will want a spare one handy.
3. Cook.
Boil for several hours in a reinforced caldron with half a dozen large onions. Discard
the meat and water. Then, roast the onions.
Serve with several glasses of wine.
The Model

Boar-hounds are often found within the grim parts of the forest. The down-market
neck of the woods where the pixies carry flick-knives and the fairies will mug you for
pocket change.
It is here youll find Snuffles, Albert Jrs faithful companion. After an hour long fight
where they both tried to eat each other, a mutual respect blossomed into friendship
and they have been inseparable ever since. Gluttonous, flatulent and bad tempered-
Snuffles knew he had found a kindred spirit in the young Forest Troll.
Snuffles is a superbly sculpted model, taking influence from classic RPGs and
fantasy art. Snuffles harks back to the days when monsters were solid, hefty chunks
of lead. You could drop them on the floor and theyd still be fine. Not like some of the
flimsy, fiddly casts of today- no sir!

With Snuffles, you have a striking and imposing model to add to your collection.
Beautifully simplistic and simply beautiful.
On the tabletop, you can use Snuffles as a counts-as troll or ogre. Or maybe as a
monstrous unit in his own right!
If your GM is truly indulgent, why not have Albert as a druid with Snuffles for an
animal companion!

Painting Guide

When painting Snuffles, try to keep the colour pallet similar to the other members of
the troll family. That being said, youll want to vary the shade a little bit as although
you want the models to co-ordinate, they arent genetically identical! (unless)
The resin is top quality, so it has all of the old school character but without any of the
dreaded paint chipping of metal minis. 

Using a simple system of a thin base coat, another layer and then finally a gentle
highlight you can quickly paint this up into a striking addition to your collection.  
All colours are Coat d'arms - available on 

Undercoat Hairy Brown
Layer Rat Brown
Highlight Festering Brown
Undercoat White
Layer Yellow
Highlight Bone
Undercoat Bogey Green
Layer Goblin  
Highlight Ink Wash
Highlight white 

NOTICE: These detailed models come with resin supports that are part of the casting process and help provide protection for the model in shipping. They will require removal with an appropriate tool before assembly and painting.

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