The Dragon and the Dwarven Egg Snatcher

The Dragon and the Dwarven Egg Snatcher
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The Dragon and the Dwarven Egg SnatcherThe Dragon and the Dwarven Egg SnatcherThe Dragon and the Dwarven Egg SnatcherThe Dragon and the Dwarven Egg Snatcher
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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Martin Buck
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


Kickstarter Price - fulfilment by February 2024

"And you're absolutely sure?" 

"Completely! Dragons hibernate during the winter. Everyone knows that-"
As the Egg Hunter turned the corner of the tunnel, the air temperature rose by several thousand degrees as a ball of flame turned the expedition leader into a smoking pile of ash.
"Everyone knows that, apart from the dragon..." Muttered the other Dwarf. Still, they had come too far and risked too much to turn back- the eggs lay within sight!
Despite the danger and terror, the Dwarf rubbed his hands with greed. Ten thousand gold pieces! That's how much Grawdon Roarmsey had promised. Per egg!

The Egg Hunters spread out, waving their arms to distract the beast, while Snorri Iron-Shoe darted in to grab the first egg.
He was just within reach when the dragon grabbed him by the back of the neck, flicked him into the air, and swallowed him whole with an ominous gulp.
"....He'll probably be fine. Now, LET'S GET THOSE EGGS!"

The only thing greater than the wrath of a dragon is the greed of a dwarf!
Practically a diorama in its own right, this set includes Dwarf Egg Hunter, Eggs, and a royally miffed-looking dragon!

Everything in this set is gorgeous, but as you'd expect the dragon is the star of the show. This mighty beast is fury incarnate, snarling and preparing to BBQ any Dwarf foolish enough to get in its way.

It's a solid sculpt, with plenty of interesting textures to paint and a dramatic pose that will make a great centerpiece in your wargaming collection.

This 28mm scale dragon is perfect for wargaming- where its breath weapon will lay waste to entire regiments! Or in roleplaying games, where its breath weapon can lay waste to entire adventuring parties. Stick one of these dragons in your dungeon and you won't have to worry about troublesome Halflings and Dwarfs looking for stolen treasure ever again!

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