Troglamite Thug

Troglamite Thug
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Brand:  TCMiniatures by OSM

Are you sick and tired of minions that run away, are easily distracted, or have the gosh-darn nerve to DIE? Then get down to Crazy Elhorn’s Minion Barn can get yourself a Troglamite Thug!

We cross-bred humans, trolls, and some kinda weird lizard-spider thing we had lyin’ around to make Troglamites! That’s right, a brand-new minion that is too bloodthirsty to run away, too stupid to be distracted, and frankly too darn infused with weird science and dark magic to die! Stocks are limited, so get yours TODAY!

Troglamites are made out of the scraping from the bottom of a mad scientist’s scraps bin and stuck together with magic to make...well, a pretty cool model! With a big club and a size XXL Chainmail Shirt, this guy makes the perfect minion for your posse in Wasteman. But he also works well for any fantasy wargame (well, only for chaos or evil armies that don’t mind three armed bug/lizard things). 

A characterful little mini, that's great to paint and display.  

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