Battle Wyzard

Battle Wyzard
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 Battle WyzardBattle Wyzard 
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Brand:  TCMiniatures by OSM
Sculptor:  Jaycee Fairclough
Material (Unpainted):  Metal

Do you like magic?
Do you want to cast spells?
Have you got a skull for a face (or are willing to learn)? 

Then consider an exciting new career as a Battle Wyzard! 

Battle Wyzards earn $$$ working as wands-for-hire for syndicates across the rad-wastes. 
  • Zap your enemies! 
  • Impress your friends! 
  • Zap your friends!  

Don't delay, send 5 Credits a toenail clipping to PO Box 666, and a small rat with a human-like face will appear shortly at midnight to teach you everything you need to know. 

"I sent off for the Battle Wyzard home learning course, and now I run my own business as dark and terrible sorcerer! Thank you E-Z-Spellz!"- Zaydock the Undying 


The Battle Wyzard is a great mini- dripping with Evil Wizard vibes and perfect for any Knights of Gnar posse- or any dodgy crew who need some arcane firepower. Equipped with a deadly Staff of Flame, this guy can lay down some serious firepower (if you'll pardon the pun). 
With his enchanted staff, arcane amulet and magey-looking robes- the Battle Wyzard is also great for fantasy wargaming as well as Wasteman.   

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