A note on scale

13 March 2023

Ok, so we've had a few questions about scale. 

No! Not dragon scales- MODEL scale. 

Basically, all our models are 28mm in scale. This means that it's roughly 28mm from foot to eye on a mini that's supposed to represent a 6' person on the gaming table. This is also known as "God's own scale", "The best wargaming scale" and "Everything else is rubbish." 


Now, here's where it get's tricky. Due to something called "scale creep", over the years, certain manufacturers (who shall remain nameless) have made progressively bigger models. So you end up with a normal human being the size of an ogre! This is very silly. 
As if this wasn't confusing enough, some other manufacturers sell minis in "true scale 28mm"- which is where hands and heads are anatomically correct and proportioned. But this ends up looking like everyone has tiny hands and frankly eyes are hard enough to paint as it is! 

Still with us? Good. At OSM, we sell models in 28mm scale- but Old School, so that they will be in proportion with models from the 80's and early 90's.

The exceptions to this are as follows: 

Our Wasteman range, which is 32mm in scale. 

The Adventurers- who are a wee bit larger than life, as befits Player Characters. 

And finally, our range of KILLER ROBOTS- who work at any scale. Even tiny 5mm! In a 28mm game, they are kind of ogre sized. 

THERE! I hope that cleared everything up.