Druncan McFierceson By Johnathan Ward

25 July 2023

Druncan McFierceson By Johnathan Ward

When we saw Johnathan Ward’s awesome paint job on the Atom Giant, we wanted to find out a bit more. He was kind enough to tell us about it:

I've been collecting an Oldhammer orc army for the last year or so using vintage citadel miniatures especially the 1980s Fantasy tribes orcs. I decided I wanted a giant to accompany the army and my first thought was I wanted one of the original Citadel C28 giants.

Sometimes though those old models can fetch some mighty big prices so I had to look around for something with the same vibe but a little more budget friendly. That's when I found the Atom giant and thought he was perfect he reminded me a lot of the Citadel C28 giants. Painting wise I'm pretty Old school ever since Citadel introduced their expert paint set in the 1980s. 

I've been a fan of base coat, ink wash and highlight over a white undercoat and that's what I did with this miniature apart from the sheep skin jacket and boots which was perfect for some good old dry brushing over black. Personally I think this miniature responded really well to this technique and I was very pleased how he turned out.  In my mind I saw him as part of clan of mountain giants with a Scottish highland feel hence the red hair and tartan jock strap. 

I’ve named my Giant Druncan McFierceson of Clan McFierceson. Druncan has left his mountain home to join some Orcs, as a mercenary, his preferred form of payment is copious amounts of Bugman’s beer.

Thanks Johnathan! And if you’ve got an OSM mini you’d like to show off, please do get in touch.