11 April 2023


Well, it's a great time to be a fan of Old School Goblinoid missile troops, that's for sure! 

Up on the Pre-Order page (it's that big part of the site that says "Pre-orders") there are not just Goblins, but lots of 'em! 
And command models to lead them to glory!* 

Our Lord and Saviour Jamie had this to say: 

"These Goblins are great! Kev Adams has done it again. But these are just the beginning! We've got big plans, not just for the Goblin range, but also for other classic armies for them to scrap against. To maintain our position as market leader in niche 1980's style sci-fi and fantasy wargaming miniatures, OSM spends over £125,000 a week on market research, and I'm happy to say that coincidentally the market research says we should do exactly what I say, and sculpt more Goblins." 

Wise words. And I for one look forward to EVEN MORE lovely Goblins. 
But for now, head over to the Pre-order page and get yourself some gobos!   

*Actual amounts of glory may vary. OSM takes no responsibility for failed Fear, Terror or Panic tests. All rights reserved.