PRICING UPDATE- Stuff gets cheaper!

7 February 2023

PRICING UPDATE- Stuff gets cheaper!

Yes, you read that title correctly! 

Some of our stuff is going to be getting CHEAPER! 

"But how!" I hear you cry "in THIS econnomy? With the price of metal what it is, and the vet bill for Jamie's racehorses now in six digits?" 
Simple- AI pricing. 

We have just forked out a load of cash on a fancy new AI pricing doo-hicky. Basically it tells us when we need to lower the price on something. 
Enhanced Retail Intelligent Computer 3000, or E.R.I.C
With advanced computational algorithms it computes pricing inaccuracies which a mere human would never be able to find, such as 'this sells out too much increase the price a little', and 'this doesn't sell so drop the price a little'.

As mentioned in a previous post, due to their tiny size, Gnomes are going down in price!

The Big Giant is down from 20% from £100 to just £80!

Alpine Dwarfs are down from £38 to just £35!

And ALL the Demons, as well as the fan favourite Circus of Corruption are going down in price as well!

How can we afford to do this you ask? Simple- we have stopped Caviar Thursdays at the office. Jamie was particularly devastated, but he

swiftly rallied when he realised we'd be selling a lot more Gnomes (hint, hint!).