Right, so this is a blog?

2 January 2023  |  Admin

Right, so this is a blog?

At the request (and by request, I mean demand) of our head honcho Jamie, I will be updating this blog.

What stuff goes on this blog you ask? Well! All kinds of things!

Pictures of models!
Talking about models!

Er...Actually that's about it. If you were after recipes, or funny pictures of cats, I'm sorry you're out of luck.

Bascially, it's going to have stuff on it about Old School Miniatures. Updates, teases about new models, minis the staff have painted (please don't laugh).

BUT, if you've got an idea for the blog, feel free to tell us what it is!

Bear with us while we get this site up and running again, but it WILL be worth the wait, I promise.