6 June 2023


Fantastic, brilliant and wonderful news! 

Basically, we are making some BIG behind the scenes changes with Old School Miniatures. Specifically on order fulfilment and stock. 
The upshot for you as your beloved and valued customers, is that your minis will be shipped out to you quicker, and as we are able to keep costs down in these pain-in-the-bum economic times, we can avoid passing anything along to you (unless we REALLY have to). 

We are still sorting out the final details, but rest assured it's all in good hands. 

PRE-ORDERS ARE CLOSING NEXT WEEKEND (16th June) So if you want to pre-order anything, like our Peppered Piper, Hellhound or even the mighty Grund, get your skates on. 

WEBSITE CLOSES 16 JUNE This is for vital behind the scenes stuff. And also Jamie needs/deserves a holiday.

JULY/AUGUST WEBSITE CLOSED Although it pains us to close for so long, basically we have a LOT of stuff to do with OSM behind the scenes. It's a short-term faff, but the end result will be better service, lower overheads, and more snazzy models for everybody! - Watch this space - we will be back.

One final note is that No more stock will be ordered after end of this week. Until we are back after the summer, we aren't ordering any more stock. Again, you'll have to just trust us there is a great reason for this. But if there is a model you've been umming and errring over- buy it now! 

OSM isn't going anywhere, but like a good army list, it is constantly improving and getting better. 

Rock on and roll 6's! 

-The OSM Team