Vicky - Alberts Mate - Female Forest Troll

Vicky - Alberts Mate - Female Forest Troll
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Vicky - Alberts Mate - Female Forest TrollVicky - Alberts Mate - Female Forest TrollVicky - Alberts Mate - Female Forest Troll
Vicky - Alberts Mate - Female Forest TrollVicky - Alberts Mate - Female Forest Troll
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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Jaycee Fairclough
Material (Unpainted):  Resin


Vicky- Alberts Mate She-Troll 
The female of Trollarius Vulgaris be every bit as wyrd and savage as her dim-witted
mate. With the unpleasant addition of a mothers protective instinct and a rather
startling predisposition to cunning traps, the She-Troll is a deadly creature.
Starting in the winter months, a She-Troll will make a nest of moss, leaves and other
less savoury substances. After choosing her mate and copulating, together they will
proceed to hunt and kill everything within several miles. Amassing a vast store of
bones. When the childe is born, in addition to milk from its mothers teat it will crack
open the bones and suck out the marrow. Thus does a troll gain rapid strength and
size, as well as its renowned hunger for human flesh.
-Hatticus Van Clare, Ye Monsters of Blackwood Forest.

The Model

To compliment our Giant Forest Troll, we have an amazing new sculpt- Vicky, the
Like Albert, Vicky is a striking and imposing sculpt. With a beetle-brow and a
mouthful of jagged teeth, she leers menacingly across the battlefield.
Vicky is a squat, hulking force of nature. Which is exactly what she has a weapon!
Clutched in her hand is a massive hunk of rock, ready to smash in the head of
anything unlucky enough to cross her path.
This is NOT a dynamic model, perched in mid air or balancing on one foot! Nay!
This is a miniature worthy of an Old-School collection. Every detail of the sculpt has
been meticulously overseen to ensure that it is going to be a firm fan favourite and a
welcome addition to the Old School Miniatures Pantheon.
Vicky looks great when paired with Albert and Albert Jr. However, she also works
just as well on her own. In RPGs, shed make a great boss-monster and a
challenging encounter. Pop her on top of a ravine to hurl rocks at the PCs and make
them wet their chainmail! Or in a wargame, Vicky can be used perhaps as a shaman
(who knows what shes doing with that poor fish!) or maybe as a monstrous general.
You can just imagine her bellowing threats and encouragement to an army of savage
orcs or hob-goblins!
Finally, This model is disgusting. I dont know if it is chipped toenails, the warty flesh
or the belly-button picking- But Vicky will get admiring (or disgusted) glances
wherever she goes.

Painting Guide

Although it might be initially intimidating, this model is a joy to paint.
The resin is top quality, so it has all of the old school character but without any of the
dreaded paint chipping of metal minis. 
The contrast between the soft, lice ridden fur and the jagged rock gives a lot to play
with when painting this model up. Try to vary the colours between the two to really let
the model really pop.
Vicky makes a perfect centre piece. Or, we think shed work well in a diorama-
lurking under a bridge, rock in hand ready to brain some poor traveller.  
Using a simple system of a thin base coat, another layer and then finally a gentle
highlight you can quickly paint this up into a striking addition to your collection.  
All colours are Coat d'arms - available on 
Undercoat Barbarian Leather
Layer Hairy Brown
Highlight Tanned Flesh
Undercoat Black
Layer Elven Grey
Highlight Bone
Undercoat Sun Yellow
Layer Bone
Highlight White
Undercoat Dwarven Flesh
Layer Tanned Flesh  
Highlight Elven Flesh
Undercoat Wizard Blue
Layer Elven Grey
Highlight Wizard Silver
Undercoat Black
Layer Hairy Brown
Highlight Bone

NOTICE: These detailed models come with resin supports that are part of the casting process and help provide protection for the model in shipping. They will require removal with an appropriate tool before assembly and painting.

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