6 June 2023


Important information about when you can order stuff from us.

13 May 2023

How to paint classic goblin green bases

The ONLY way to do an Old School Base.

9 May 2023

Matt's Ewal Dvergar

Matt shows us his amazing Ewal Dvergar and we get jealous.

3 May 2023

Jack's OSM Ogres Part II: How to make snowy bases

How to make snowy bases for wargaming

1 May 2023

Shadows of Centralis

A brand new wargame arrives at OSM!

20 April 2023

JewelKnightJess's Wasteman Minis

A nice lady on twitter painted our models.

11 April 2023

Jack's OSM Ogres!

After begging and crying to Jamie, we let Jack do a post on his Ogre army.

11 April 2023

Yet more Gobo related news...

18 March 2023


Right, so basically we've got some goblins sculpted by Kev Adams

13 March 2023

A note on scale

How we scale our minis

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